Content Management

We not only understand and deliver the functional needs of our customers but also think creatively and go the extra mile in providing them highly usable, widely reachable, easily manageable applications.

A good website needs to be empowered with an efficient content management system so that organizations are in charge of their own content.

ETG Interactive works with a wide range of Open Source and Commercial off the shelf content management platforms.

Share Point

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server and Windows Sharepoint Services allow organizations to gain access to, explore and communicate information throughout all levels of their organization both internally and externally with customers and business partners.

Digital2pi has experience, knowledge, skills and people to effectively guide you through your Sharepoint deployment by providing services for portal definition, portal planning, analyze business processes, enterprise content management, technology implementation, support document and collaboration requirements and end user training.

Digital2pi has a deep understanding of the Sharepoint Object Model and Web Parts technology which allows our development teams to leverage the Sharepoint framework to its full potential and to use it as a development platform for enterprise applications.

Digital2pi identified the primary business uses of Sharepoint:

  • Portal and application integration
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Document Management Solution
  • Self-service web forms


Drupal is an open-source platform and content management system for building dynamic websites offering a broad range of features in developing a variety of websites from personal or corporate websites to community portals (such as discussion forums and social networking websites) to complex web applications (such as e-commerce and intranet applications). The Drupal CMS enables web editors to easily publish and manage content appearing on the websites.

Digital2pi has a decent experience in building the websites in Drupal and some of the key features of using Drupal are:

  • Ease-of-use and large selection of modules & themes.
  • Excellent categorization of content through taxonomy system.
  • Nice input filter system that lets you choose the format style (e.g. HTML or Textile) for each entry.
  • Written in PHP, and we have the set of developers who are most efficient with that scripting language.


WordPress is an Open Source publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and is the largest self-hosted blogging tool which is completely customizable. It is in full compliance of W3C standards and allows you to manage non-blog easily and changes made to templates are reflected immediately on the site without rebuilding the pages.

Digital2pi has experience in working on WordPress wherein we help our customers in building the blog tool with easy to manage blog and non-blog content, Links - to create, maintain and update any number of blogrolls through admin interface. Managing multiple themes, Spam protection to manage and eliminate comment spam, built-in user registration system to allow users to register and maintain profiles and leave comments, password protected posts, easy to installation and upgrades are some of the areas Digital2pi is adept in handling as per the needs of the customers.

Digital2pi has expertise in using WordPress for Easy importing, supporting XML-ROC interface, workflow management, converting ASCII into typographically correct XHTML, Intelligent text formatting, Multiple authors for different levels of privileges with regard to publishing, editing options and Bookmarklets for publish or add links to your blogs.


Sitecore CMS helps you achieve your business goals such as increasing sales and search engine visibility, while being straightforward to integrate and administer. Sitecore lets you deliver sites that are highly scalable, robust and secure, and is built to simplify your life, automate your processes, and let you deliver results faster. Digital2pi is an official partner of Sitecore. Digital2pi has certified Sitecore CMS developers who will help you implement and use this CMS to the best of its ability ensuring you have all the features available and ready to use.

Some of the salient features and benefits of Sitecore CMS are:

Marketing ownership

As a Marketer or Executive, you want the most sophisticated technology which is easy to manage, easy to market, and built for success.

A dazzling user interface, creating stunning results

Sitecore's authoring interface represents a breakthrough in usability and design, and offers unrivaled ease of use.

Next generation usability

Sitecore's Page Editor Technology provides a role-based interface that delivers exactly the right amount of capability to a user based on their needs.

Breakthrough marketing capabilities - integrated with web CMS

Sitecore's Online Marketing Suite provides advanced online marketing capabilities, rich analytics and marketing automation - unified with your web CMS. This unique combination allows you to optimize your website without the time and costs of third party tools.

Powerful visitor experience analytics

Sitecore's analytics capabilities provide new levels of detail and accuracy for tracking your website visitors.

Powerful development platform, based on the latest Microsoft technology

Sitecore provides a world-class development platform that gives Developers unprecedented freedom and powerful tools to deliver truly amazing applications and site capabilities. From day one, Sitecore has been totally committed to the .NET framework


Joomla is one of the most advanced and powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is a free, PHP & MYSQL based content management system for publishing and managing content on the web and intranets. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications which are scalable, simple to manage, and reliable.

Digital2pi has the knowledge and experience required to develop simple Joomla websites to complex web applications using Joomla as a framework. Digital2pi experience in Joomla development enables us to create any functionality in Joomla and utilize to meet diverse business requirements for publishing and managing content on the web and intranets.

Digital2pi offers a huge variety of services with complete database driven site engines.Development of small and medium business websites with fully customizable layouts, editable topic's/sections for individual contributors and browser compatibility.


Mura CMS is built with one focused purpose in mind - to make it easier and faster for people to build and update websites. Whether it's something as simple as adding a news release or as complex as integrating website data with an enterprise CRM system, Mura CMS provides a clear and complete toolkit.

Fast and Easy

Mura CMS's deep feature set and flexible framework enable you to complete your sites in weeks, not months. Mura CMS is easy to learn and use, with an intuitive interface that allows even novice users to create and edit web content with no knowledge of HTML. CSS developers will love Mura's intelligent approach to templates and content styling, and CFML programmers will find Mura CMS easy to customize and integrate with external apps.

Incredibly Flexible

While Mura provides a full set of features out of the box, its open architecture allows you to make changes and enhancements at any time. With full access to the template and layout files, there are no limitations on your site's look and feel, and your programmers can customize Mura CMS extensively by using the Mura API while staying on the upgrade path.

Enterprise-ready, but a good fit for any size organization

Mura can handle high-traffic sites clustered across multiple servers or be configured to run several mid-sized sites on a single server. It's scalable and powerful for enterprise use, but easy for small teams or individuals to work with.

SEO Friendly

Mura is a great CMS for SEO-focused website development. Mura outputs clear, semantically-correct code, uses human-readable URLS, and provides full control over all important page aspects (titles, URLs, meta information, etc.). You can even generate automatically-updated sitemaps and integrate 3rd party traffic-analysis tools (like Google Analytics) into your Mura CMS administrative screens.

It's Affordable

Open source Mura is free for anyone to download and use, while providing a feature set exceeding that of many enterprise platforms. But beyond the savings in licensing fees, Mura's rapid development cycle can dramatically lower your costs for implementation and custom development. Professionally Supported.

With Mura CMS, you have access to great support, ranging from free online help on up to Enterprise-level annual contracts, so you can choose the support that matches your budget and needs. The Mura CMS team also offers training and professional services to support your Mura CMS project.