Usability Consulting

We not only understand and deliver the functional needs of our customers but also think creatively and go the extra mile in providing them highly usable, widely reachable, easily manageable applications.

Usability is very important when it comes to make your customers spend more time on your website. Getting customers to your website is only half the job done. Anyone who comes to your websites should be able to properly use the site and comprehend the content, meaning it needs a high usability rating.

A website that is meeting customer expectations makes them comfortable and increasing their chances of visiting again and recommending the site to their friends. At Digital2pi, we make it a point to understand your website user, know what they are looking for during their visit to your website and making it easy for them to find it.

A clear, simple, and consistent navigation system

An improper navigation system is one of the main reasons why users go off a website. At Digital2pi, we pay attention to the location of your navigation elements and how we name them. These procedures also spread to link usability and breadcrumb usability. We understand and work out how a user may navigate through your site and how you may want him to go through your website.

Various studies have shown that generally users read web pages in an f-shaped pattern. Hence, it makes sense to gather important information like site logo etc on the left hand side. For larger websites, using the same logic, we show the inner pages / categories in the left sidebar. Digital2pi has a usability testing team that goes through each of the projects we handle thoroughly to ensure that your website is best placed to attract the attention from your users and help them get the information they require.

The content should be straight forward, clear and simple

Content is king, and this is the reason how people get to land on your website on the internet. We identify your site visits; collect the information .We Identify content that can help you sell to prospects who find you online.

Users go through paragraphs looking for important words or phrases that they want. They do not actually go through each and every line of the content. Statistics say users spend less than 4.5 seconds for every 100 words on any given page. So, if your page looks like it's going to be too difficult to the user to understand, or time-consuming to read, your visitors will move somewhere else to get the information.

Digital2pi will work with you to advice on the best way to place and use content.

Allowing the user to leave feedback and comments on what to improve

Feedback is always a user-generated content which is very important and relevant as it gives you an insight and first-hand information of what the users want to see. We do not want the feedback form to be hidden away somewhere on the site making visitors navigate through many pages to locate that feedback form.

At Digital2pi, we make your feedback form visible and easily accessible by placing the link for your contact page in your global navigation area, so that it appears on every page.

We keep your feedback form short and simple so that visitors do not mind submitting it.

Using focus groups and review teams to test the website regularly.

We want our web sites to go well and to make a good impression on the people who visit us. There is a need for us to ensure that we provide an excellent web site performance without any sudden an unpleasant surprises.

  • We go through each page of the website, making sure that nothing looks out of place. We check your wording for spelling and grammar issues, make sure all your images are showing, try clicking on lots of links to make sure nothing is broken.
  • Sometimes, site will look a little different on every web browser. That's because web browsers don't follow all the standards. We check the website with different browsers.